REVIEW: San Cisco – Cambridge Hotel – Sunday, June 4

San Cisco’s great pop escape TweetFacebookThe How Much Does Your Love Cost singer sounded flat and appeared disinterested.
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The heaving “San Cisco” chant before show time, at the work and school-friendly time of 7.30pm, guaranteed this would be a high-energy evening.

San Cisco opened with the new songDid You Get What You Came For?and the crowd responded with a definite “yes” by dancing up a storm.

Over the next 70 minutes San Cisco kept the pace energetic, introducing a host of infectious new material from their third album The Water, and a selection of their most popular tracks like Run, Fred Astaire and Too Much Time Together.

The female-dominatedcrowd lapped upevery minute. Over the course of the evening the amount of girls sittingon their partner’s shoulders sprang up like daisies in a meadow.

Frontman Jordi Davieson handled the majority of the vocals and even delivered a solo acoustic version of Waiting For The Weekend in the encore, but drummer Scarlett Stevens is the real star of the band.

Whenever she joined Davieson on vocals in tracks likeToo Much Time Togetherand SloMo the harmonies soared. Stevens had her own moment to shine on the sugary Magic andproved she’s definitely under utilised.

One criticism generally slinged atSan Cisco is their lack of danger. They appeared like four sweet kids-next-door types when they broke onto the scene in 2012 with their single Awkward and little has happened since tochangethat perception.

The Water continues the development of dark sexual energy San Ciscobegan to exhibit on their 2014 album Gracetownin songs like Run. The Water’s title track and The Distance were propelled along by a throbbing bass line andsynths, giving it a more sinister edge than their cleaner studio versions.

There aren’t many n indie acts doing pop better than San Cisco. And right now we all need a pop song.

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